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Crisis What Crisis is a motorcycle trip through the countries starring in the *CRISIS* (PIGS). We want to reveal people and projects which give an optimistic and innovative answer to it. Crisis What Crisis: a journey through optimistic answers is a constructive stare towards the crisis. A practical and brave answer on new forms of social organization and open production. Our trip is about shared search through collectives and people who enjoy more from experience than from money.

We’ll track organizations promoting open knowledge, self-consumption and cooperation based on a sustainable long-term transformative business model. Happiness is not what they told us, it’s what we’re telling us.



We live in South Europe, in countries with a authoritarian tradition from which we’ve just got away, with political classes dominated by economic power and having done anything to improve their population’s welfare. They’ve used the politics to produce quick business helped by banks and economic powers.

This way CWC is born to demonstrate that a wide base movement exists which shakes the system tower, this quoted, with new ideas and ways to relate based on sustainability, solidarity, cooperation and freedom.

“PIGS: The adult domestic pig has a heavy and rounded body, comparatively long and flexible snout, short hoofed feet (four fingers) and a short tail. The skin, thick but sensitive, is partly covered with rough bristles and exhibits a wide variety of colours and drawings. Despite its appearance they’re agile, quick and clever animals.”

We need to visualize other answers, other possible futures, because if we don’t imagine them we’ll never be able to make them happen.

This project is therefore addressed to each person seeking new ways of living out of the production standards, with interest in transforming from participation, solidarity and betting on a more open and sustainable world.

In february 2013 my daughter Helena is born. This documentary is also a gift for her and all that generation, so that when she can watch it with analysis capabilities she can see the world and the context where she was born, hoping that it serves her somehow to face her own life.


My name is Xavier Belho and I work in graphic design and audiovisual production. At 23 I left my parents' house. From that moment I started to do all kinds of activities in order to eat. I sold hams, gave remedial classes to primary school children, I led a pub and I ended up being a Banch Manager. I even worked as graphic designer for a audiovisual production company and mounted a production company with three partners. All these activities were successful and failure ... but none filled me ... until now. So, I've fallen and I always woke up with an idea in his head and little support. At the end of the day ... I am an optimist. Anybody there? The answer I hope to find it in CWC.

If I get launch this project with your help I will make with my Yamaha Virago 1100 '97 third-hand a motorcycle trip to make a documentary that will take me from the Galicia Finisterre to the gates of the West, through the countries protagonists of the CRISIS (PIGS). CWC is a documentary that portrays the Europe 2014. A motorcycle trip that part from Galicia, in the northwest corner of the Iberian Peninsula and reaches the Piraeus (Athens) in Greece, through Portugal, Spain and Italy (PIGS) *.

I count on the support of the Karapatrov ExBrothers (some of them collaborate unconditionally in the project) and the NóComún collective (they helped in the early stages and help us in spreading), Casa das Crechas (economic and contacts help) Association Cidade Vella de Compostela (disseminate the project), the Dirty Socks with the soundtrack (they are a group of young people who make music in English and with which I collaborated with some designs), NARF (wild musician with whom I went to London to do a photo shoot, to Mozambique to record a video and with who I walk through life with optimism. He will help me in whatever I need), among other groups and individuals who will publicly express their support when the adventure begins.


There where there is an intelligent answer to the crisis.

For now, the route will pass close to these cities:

Santiago de Compostela - Oporto - Lisboa - Badajoz - Cáceres - Madrid - Valencia - Barcelona - Roma - Brindisi - Patras - Atenas - Thessalonika - Pireo


Since childhood I have liked the travel books, from Jules Verne to Joseph Conrad and particularly Ted Simon's book, Jupiter's Travels, which narrates his motorcycle trip around the world and their experience along the journey. My love for motorbikes borns from cinema and from a particular movie, Easy Rider, where the motorbike and the trip are one.

Now it's my turn of take a trip on my old bike, across southern Europe how she did in the fourth century the Egeria traveler, and discover this new world that is being built day day with optimism for a future ruled by truly human values.

Traveling by bike I can not afford to carry a bulky team: I will have a small camera that will record video and photos in full HD, one mini sound equipment and a laptop to edit some pictures and upload them to the network as I go along.

The project is planned as a modular construction with two distinct stages:

  1. The main characters will tell their stories, where they are developing their projects, directly to the camera (Canon 7D), through little videobooth style interviews. These microinterviews will be uploaded to the Web and Social networks, thus building an interactive map of the trip, so the audience will be able to interact almost on realtime.
  2. At the end of the trip, a narrative documentary will be built complementing selected statements of the main characters with contextual information and images.


  • Francho Joven Araus
  • Pepe Doval
  • Camabou
  • Adrián Moreno Peña
  • Gonzalo Suárez
  • Jorge García
  • Eviroula Dourou
  • Dirty Socks
  • Maurizio Galli
  • Laura
  • Galan Jr
  • Xenfo
  • Nasos Markou
  • George Krommidas
  • Xan Villamel
  • António Martinez
  • Manuel Ortuño
  • Sonia Díaz
  • josemari
  • Suso Coba
  • Andrés García Bastón
  • David Bonilla
  • Sandra Lema
  • María Santos Peña
  • Camilo Franco
  • Mario G. Cortizo
  • Gonzalo Suarez
  • maitai
  • Alberto Fortes
  • Juan Penalta Rodríguez
  • Julian Canaves
  • Najla Shami
  • César Goldi
  • Brais Fortes
  • Isis Castro
  • kaderno
  • Sonia Díaz
  • Vítor Belho
  • Rodriguez Eusebio
  • Miguel Angel Fernández
  • Marina Carracedo
  • Manolo33
  • Juan Diego Pereiro Areán
  • MariCarmen Gomez Grille
  • javier creus
  • Sergio Lago
  • bea.micelios
  • Carlos A. Montilla Cortizo
  • Begoña Sebastian
  • Alvaro
  • Alberte A. Pereira
  • Jesús Tamayo
  • pablo vicente
  • Cunque
  • Alejandro Aradas García
  • Miguel Patiño
  • Kiko Novoa
  • Jaime Perera Merino
  • Iñaki Quenerapú
  • dvilchez
  • Iñaki
  • Miguel Reboiro Jato
  • Daniel Alonso
  • Acuarian0
  • Niti Laíño
  • Nuria Moreiras
  • Ignacio Cid
  • Sabela Novoa Vazquez
  • pablo doval "tubas"
  • Gabriel Contreras Contrino


  • Carlos García García